Electric or diesel/gasoline?
The discussion has never been hotter. What kind of a car are you into and why?
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The electric car. Truth or myth?
The future is electric. Cars, buses, trains, and even planes are powered by electricity, and the world is a cleaner, quieter place as a result.

But it wasn't always this way. Just a few years ago, gas-powered cars were the norm, and the air was full of pollution from their exhaust. But then, a few visionary companies saw the potential in electric cars, and they started investing in the technology.

Now, electric cars are the norm, and the world is a better place for it. Thanks to electric cars, we can all breathe a little easier, and the planet is a little bit greener.

When diesel cars arrived..
When diesel cars first came out, they were all the rage. Everybody wanted one. They were supposed to be more efficient and better for the environment. But it turns out, they're not all they're cracked up to be.

Sure, they get better gas mileage, but they're also a lot louder and produce a lot more emissions than regular cars. And, as we've seen in recent years, they can also be quite a bit more dangerous.

All in all, diesel cars are a bit of a mixed bag. They're not necessarily bad, but they're not necessarily good either. It's up to you to decide if they're right for you.
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